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Toolbox Shadowing in Singapore

Toolbox Shadowing

Get your tools perfectly organized and make work easier for yourself. Our specialized laser cutting tool box shadowing is designed to provide precise and clean-cut toolbox shadowing that’ll make your tool arrangement perfect

We all experience the challenges of spending time on site, searching for tools when the tools are not arranged in a well-cut out toolbox. This stalls our work and reduces productivity. You may think of cutting out foam organizers by hand, but you’ll agree that one problem arises – it’s never precise, and it takes forever to get something manageable.


This problem led to the development of custom laser cut foam toolbox organizers. This solution helps you to spend less time searching for your tools and spend more time on what matters the most.


Cutting foam for organizing tools – something called tool shadowing – is fast becoming a popular laser application, especially amongst handymen and other workers that use toolboxes. The laser easily cuts through a variety of foam thickness, allowing you to precisely cut inserts where you can place specific tools.


To get the best of this solution, you need to work toolbox shadowing experts in Singapore; you need to work with GPG Printing.

Experienced and Reliable Toolbox Shadowing Experts in Singapore

GPG Printing helps you organize your tools by shadowing them with tool foam. With our services, you can reduce the amount of time spent looking for misplaced tools and increase your manufacturing and workplace efficiency. Our toolbox shadowing is precise and affordable and creates a clean-cut outline. We pay extra to minute details to ensure we develop the best.


We’re fully equipped with the most skilled technicians in Singapore, and our staff is experienced and capable of laser cutting to the demands of utmost reliability and international standards. We provide fast turnaround on a wide range of designs and ensure you’re always satisfied with our works. 


With GPG Printing toolbox shadowing services, the process is simple; all you have to do is contact us to discuss the requirements of your project.


We use High-Density EVA Foam for shadowing, and our high-end CO2 laser cutting machine helps us deliver precise and clean cut for any type of tool.

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