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pantone colors - aerosol spray paint in Singapore

Fully Customize to match Pantone Colors Chart

At GPG Printing, we supply Aerosol Spray Paint which is able to match almost all color from Pantone Colors Chart. Aerosol Spray Paint is very easy to use and can apply to surface like metal, wood, plastic and even on glass. It is permanent paint that can be use in both indoor and outdoor condition. 

What are Pantone Colors?

Pantone colors are color codes that stand for a specific shade. You can communicate about colors by defining the pantone code. Basically, pantone is the standard language for colors.

What are the advantage of Aerosol Spray Paint?

  1. Easy to use - Portable light weight in 400ml can size. Can be use at indoor and outdoor.

  2. Durable - Long lasting color, able to withstand outdoor weather.

  3. Quick Dry - Very quick drying time in 5 minutes.

  4. Wide range of application - Can be apply on metal, wood, acrylic, plastic or glass surface.

How to use Aerosol Spray Paint?

  • Step 1 : Ensure the spray surface is clean, wipe off the dirt and oil with clean cloth. We recommend to apply primer on oily surface (such as aluminum) before our Aerosol Spray Paint is applied.

  • Step 2 : Shake well the Aerosol Spray Paint for at least 2 minutes.

  • Step 3 : Try a little bit of paint first to ensure the nozzle and spray paint ejects in a spray form.

  • Step 4 : Apply in cross coats from a distance of about 250mm from the object.

Not to do during Spray Painting

  1. Smoking - smoking is forbidden.

  2. Hot surfaces - do not spray on hot surface or near the sources of ignition.

  3. Confine Space - make sure there is sufficient ventilation of the area

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Aerosol Spry Paint
Aerosol Spray Paint in Singapore
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