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Canvas Printing in singapore

Preserve and turn your treasured and most memorable moments into quality works of art that’ll last you a lifetime. Our canvas printing service offers you everything you need to have the best.

Undeniably, there are pictures – treasured and memorable moments – that one can wish to keep alive forever. For many years, individuals, photographers, and printers looked for ways of preserving photos in the most presentable way, while decorating their offices or apartments with it. Canvas printing is one of the few ideal ways you can achieve this. 


With canvas printing, you can turn your pictures into a work of art; it’s the perfect way to bring your memories to your photograph. Canvas is preferred by many because canvas products look more professional appearance, which makes them stand out anywhere they’re placed. With it, you can get a beautiful, easy to edit picture frame of yourself which you can hang on the wall or place on the table. 


Canvas products are typically produced in three-dimensional painting formats, which make it more engaging when hung on the wall. Furthermore, canvas products can easily be framed, making it more comfortable than conventional pictures. Best of all, canvas prints are durable and are meant to last a lifetime, which is why most art galleries and museums use canvas prints for their pictures.


To get the best out of canvas printing projects, it’s crucial to work with a professional and reliable canvas printing company that uses the best practices to deliver quality canvas print products.


Experienced and Reliable Canvas Printing Experts in Singapore

GPG printing is your one-stop printing company for everything canvas printing. We use the most advanced technologies and processes to produce quality products you can be proud of anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s one of your favorite photos for the living room wall or office, a collection of family/employee portraits you wish to hang in the hall, or a carefully curated collage, nothing beats a high quality and affordable canvas print to preserve your memories. 

With GPG Printing, the process is as simple as possible; all you have to do is contact us with your image, and you’re on your way to having the best canvas print.


We provide printing services on cotton artist canvas and frame the products using a 1/2 inch thick wooden frame. Our latest model of HP Latex Printer makes the color of our products more vibrant and saturated. Our products are scratch and splash-proof, easy to handle and maintain and can last for a long while. 


Our product listings are; 

Artist Canvas with 1'' thick wooden Frame

A0 size = $149

A1 size = $89

A2 size = $59

A3 size = $39

30cm x 30cm = $39

Artist Canvas with 2'' thick wooden Frame

A0 size = $169

A1 size = $99

A2 size = $64

A3 size = $44

30cm x 30cm = $44

The Important Benefits of Canvas Printing

At GPG we offer many services, including canvas printing services which print a digital photo with great accuracy on a canvas service and Custom laser cutting service, which is the best custom solution for all of your branding or advertising needs. Canvas printing is very popular for durable, large-scale photos that work well in lobbies, waiting rooms, offices, and many similar locations. Key benefits of this canvas option include:

Vibrant Texture

The rich texture of canvas adds depth to the details of a photo and helps photos come alive in new ways. This is often a preferable option compared to the flatter look of other materials. Canvas also works very well with a variety of colors. Whether you have especially bright photos or dark images where the details are very important, canvas can help them stand out in the right ways.

Lack of Glare Issues

Very glossy or reflective materials can have problems with glare, from both windows and indoor lighting. This can make them difficult to see or even annoying for customers, something all brands want to avoid. Canvas, however, is mostly glare free and does not encounter these issues.


Cost Efficiency


Canvas is a very cost-effective material. If you are planning on a variety of photo prints to place around a building, canvas materials can help you save money. We will be happy to compare canvas printing costs to other options so you can make the best choice!


Finding a Company that can do more than just basic canvas printing is helpful when it comes to needing custom work done. At GPG, our custom laser cutting service can provide you with your desired custom cutting needs. We only offer the most precise and professional cutting services. We are fully equipped with the most powerful machines and the most skilled laser technicians in all of Singapore. If you are looking for the best custom laser cutting service, check out our website for more information. 

Canvas Printing: Services
Canvas Printing in singapore

Canvas Printing Company

Artist Canvas Printing Solutions for Your Business

Artist Canvas printing serves an important need for today’s canvas needs that want to provide high quality with beautiful imagery for your physical locations. At GPG we provide a variety of sign artist canvas printing and we are happy to create and print the designs and images you need, when you need them. We are also known as the best laser cutting company for any of your cutting needs whether it’s for advertisements, or personal designs. For small businesses, canvases and laser cutting are an important means of advertising a company's existence or even just creating a beautiful workspace with a high quality image in the office. One of the main reasons why small businesses look into artist canvas printing and laser cutting, is because it helps create an environment where people feel welcomed and at home whether it’s with a beautiful canvas or a laser cut design. There are some places where canvases will always be effective for advertising your brand and or even just drawing in more customers. Having a company that is able to provide you with the best artist canvas printing can take your business or home to the next level. You never know if someone seeing a certain canvas or a piece that’s been laser cut by professionals, can present opportunities that weren’t there before and influence them to make an impromptu decision to visit your business or build a relationship with you. Canvases and laser cut materials are not just advertising tools, but they can also help direct visitors to your office or campus, and act as guideposts. 

If you are in need of artist canvas printing services around Singapore, or are looking for the best laser cutting company, contact GPG PRINTING PTE LTD. Here at GPG PRINTING PTE LTD, we are a laser cutting and custom canvas printing company built on the values of professionalism, excellence, and timeliness. We understand the critical nature of business and event branding, and we offer bespoke printing solutions designed to give your brand the identity it deserves.

Custom Canvas Printing Shop

Why You Should Get Your Photos Printed at a Custom Canvas Printing Shop

If you are planning to display your photo on your wall, or you are looking for a custom canvas printing shop that offers custom label prints and you want to have your photos printed on a canvas, look no further. You want to be sure that you are getting your custom label prints at a company that knows what they are doing. You can count on a company that offers custom canvas printing since they are already experienced in the customizable department. Here are some benefits to printing your photo on canvas:

Versatility in Style

When you get your photo printed on canvas, they offer a classic and timeless style, making them a perfect fit for most decor styles. Even as you change the decor in your house, canvas prints are so timeless that they will look great in your home for many years to come.



One of the reasons why photographers love getting their photos printed on canvas is because they are budget friendly. Decorating your home with canvas prints is way cheaper than purchasing a piece of art to hang. Plus, it’s a great way for them to display their work. 


Every Photo Looks Great Printed on Canvas

No matter what photo you choose, any type of photo will look great printed on canvas. Plus, it eliminates glares that can occur when photos are being framed or printed on glossy paper. 

If you plan on displaying your photo on canvas, you will want to make sure to choose a custom canvas printing shop with a good reputation. Choosing a custom printing shop with a good reputation won’t compromise the quality of your photo. If you are looking for a print shop around Singapore, come to GPG PRINTING PTE LTD. As a custom printing shop in Singapore, we are able to provide you with custom print labels for all of your business needs, we have a large variety of options when it comes to custom printing. We are built on the values of professionalism, excellence, and timeliness. We understand the critical nature of business and event branding, and we offer bespoke printing solutions designed to give your brand the identity it deserves.


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