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Canvas Printing

Preserve and turn your treasured and most memorable moments into quality works of art that’ll last you a lifetime. Our canvas printing service offers you everything you need to have the best.

Undeniably, there are pictures – treasured and memorable moments – that one can wish to keep alive forever. For many years, individuals, photographers, and printers looked for ways of preserving photos in the most presentable way, while decorating their offices or apartments with it. Canvas printing is one of the few ideal ways you can achieve this. 


With canvas printing, you can turn your pictures into a work of art; it’s the perfect way to bring your memories to your photograph. Canvas is preferred by many because canvas products look more professional appearance, which makes them stand out anywhere they’re placed. With it, you can get a beautiful, easy to edit picture frame of yourself which you can hang on the wall or place on the table. 


Canvas products are typically produced in three-dimensional painting formats, which make it more engaging when hung on the wall. Furthermore, canvas products can easily be framed, making it more comfortable than conventional pictures. Best of all, canvas prints are durable and are meant to last a lifetime, which is why most art galleries and museums use canvas prints for their pictures.


To get the best out of canvas printing projects, it’s crucial to work with a professional and reliable canvas printing company that uses the best practices to deliver quality canvas print products.


Experienced and Reliable Canvas Printing Experts in Singapore

GPG printing is your one-stop printing company for everything canvas printing. We use the most advanced technologies and processes to produce quality products you can be proud of anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s one of your favorite photos for the living room wall or office, a collection of family/employee portraits you wish to hang in the hall, or a carefully curated collage, nothing beats a high quality and affordable canvas print to preserve your memories. 

With GPG Printing, the process is as simple as possible; all you have to do is contact us with your image, and you’re on your way to having the best canvas print.


We provide printing services on cotton artist canvas and frame the products using a 1/2 inch thick wooden frame. Our latest model of HP Latex Printer makes the color of our products more vibrant and saturated. Our products are scratch and splash-proof, easy to handle and maintain and can last for a long while. 


Our product listings are; 

Artist Canvas with 1'' thick wooden Frame

A0 size = $149

A1 size = $89

A2 size = $59

A3 size = $39

30cm x 30cm = $39

Artist Canvas with 2'' thick wooden Frame

A0 size = $169

A1 size = $99

A2 size = $64

A3 size = $44

30cm x 30cm = $44

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