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Single Pull Up Banner in Singapore

  1. Benefits of Pull-Up Banners:

    • Affordability: Pull-up banners are one of the most cost-effective options for promoting your business. They offer excellent value for money.

    • Portability: These banners are lightweight and portable. Ideal for street campaigns, outdoor events, and trade shows.

    • Durability: Sturdy and tear-resistant, pull-up banners can be used multiple times.

    • Customizable Designs: Create eye-catching designs tailored to your brand or message.

    • Quick Setup: No special tools required—set up your banner in seconds.

  2. Materials for Pull-Up Banners:

    • Our pull-up banners are printed on high-quality materials:​

      • Laminated Yupo Paper: UV-protected lamination layer prevents scratches during installation or retraction.

  3. Pull-Up Banner Sizes:

    • The most common sizes include:

      • 85cm x 200cm: A versatile choice for various applications.

      • 60cm x 160cm: Compact and effective.

      • Other sizes like 120cm x 200cm and 150cm x 200cm are available for those who want larger visual impact.

  4. Installation and Usage:

    • Assembling pull-up banners is quick and straightforward:

      • Unzip the carry bag and take out each element.

      • Secure the feet (if applicable).

      • Slot the upright pole into the base.

      • Pull the graphic up and secure it onto the top of the upright pole.

  5. Ideal Uses:

    • Pull-up banners are perfect for:

      • Offices

      • Clinics and hospitals

      • Waiting rooms

      • Receptions and lobbies

      • Trade shows and exhibitions

  1. 6.Single Pull Up Banner Price

  • Size 600 mm x 1600mm - $70/set

  • Size 850mm x 2000mm - $85/set 

  • Size 1200mm x 2000mm - $135/set

  • Size 1500mm x 2000mm - $250/set

Single Pull Up Banner: Products

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