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Large Format Printing in Singapore

Large Format Printing in singapore

Our large format printing services enable you to produce large format print products that’ll help you advertise your business or event most effectively and appropriately.

Running a business or organizing an event or program in this digital age can be complicated, especially when it comes to the marketing aspect. Although digital Ads are becoming popular with the days, the relevance of large format print advertising cannot be overlooked. Print advertising gives you the effective and appropriate branding you need, thereby gaining potential customers and guests’ trust. 


There are numerous ways large format prints can be useful in your business or event. As a business located at a strategic point, large format prints will help you relay what your business is all about and advertise your business without you uttering one word. It’s a great marketing and branding tool that can never be overlooked, especially in areas where there are several competitors. If your brand regularly exhibits at trade shows, large format prints will also be of great benefit to you. If you have an entire booth, you can use your print material to present your brand and encourage attendee interaction. Large scale printed materials with high-quality images and engaging texts are often show stoppers in events of such.


Furthermore, if you plan to spread the word about your business or event at a festival, large format prints are a suitable way to do so. Well formatted and printed large format print products make your brand stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of potential customers. Additionally, large format prints are an excellent avenue to make important announcements. Maximum size usually equals maximum impact. If you want to make the right impression, use the correct format of print – large format prints. These large posters, banners, and signs go a long way to drive your message home.


Just as it is to use large format prints for your advertorials, it’s more important to work with a professional and reliable large format printing company that will give you the best.


Experienced and Reliable Large Format Printing Experts in Singapore

GPG Printing is your one-stop printing company for everything large format printing. We use the most advanced large-format printing equipment and processes, which enable us to deliver affordable yet high-quality prints and signs. We’re one of the few large format printing companies in Singapore capable of printing on a variety of surfaces and sizes.

Our primary aim – to help you promote your business via the right format.

We work closely with you to identify your needs and proffer solutions that’ll exceed your expectations. Our company is known for printing expertise and unparallel attention to detail. This helps us deliver products that are ready to install or display. With our ability to deliver rush projects flawlessly and on time, we’re the right choice for emergency large format printing projects. 

The reputation of your business or event relies on quality, well designed and printed banners, posters, signs, and other prints, and we have the skill and capacity to deliver exactly what you need. 


We specialize in large format printings such as;

  • Single Pull Up Banner

  • Poster Printing

  • Sticker Printing

  • Wall Sticker printing

  • Outdoor PVC Banner Printing

  • Lightbox Backlit Printing


Our products are eco-friendly and are printed in High-Resolution HP Latex Printer with Original HP Ink. Best of it all is that you can use the products in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Large Format Printing: Services

Products Listing

Single pull up banner

Single Pull Up Banner

Poster with PVC Capping

Poster Printing

Lift Sticker

Sticker Printing

OST wall sticker

Wall Sticker Printing

Large Format Printing: Products
SGIFF Mesh Banner at Capitol

Outdoor PVC Banner Printing

Lightbox Backlit Printing

Lightbox Backlit Printing

Large Format Printing: Services


Large Format Printing: Gallery
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