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  • Yoong Gia Liang

tobyato x Levi's®️ Singapore - Denim Trucker Jacket Engraving

This holiday season, I've teamed up with Levi’s®️ for their Levi's®️ holiday collection. Watch how I utilise the Levi's®️ DIY kit and some laser engraving to customise a one of a kind denim trucker jacket that's made to last.

I'm a big fan of clothes that grow with you, and this collection does just that. By focusing on more sustainable processes and materials, the Levi's®️ holiday collection aims to promote re purposing clothes and opting for clothes made to last.

I'll be doing a giveaway for this very jacket in the coming days. so keep your eyes peeled if you wanna snag this one of a kind laser engraved jacket!

#LiveInLevis @levis_singapore

Video by: @weareislandboys

Laser engraving: @gpgprinting

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