Canvas printing

The Important Benefits of Canvas Printing

At GPG we offer canvas printing services, which print a digital photo with great accuracy on a canvas service. This type of printing is very popular for durable, large-scale photos that work well in lobbies, waiting rooms, offices, and many similar locations. Key benefits of this canvas option include:

Vibrant Texture

The rich texture of canvas adds depth to the details of a photo and helps photos come alive in new ways. This is often a preferable option compared to the flatter look of other materials. Canvas also works very well with a variety of colors. Whether you have especially bright photos or dark images where the details are very important, canvas can help them stand out in the right ways.

Lack of Glare Issues

Very glossy or reflective materials can have problems with glare, from both windows and indoor lighting. This can make them difficult to see or even annoying for customers, something all brands want to avoid. Canvas, however, is mostly glare free and does not encounter these issues.

Cost Efficiency

Canvas is a very cost-effective material. If you are planning on a variety of photo prints to place around a building, canvas materials can help you save money. We will be happy to compare canvas printing costs to other options so you can make the best choice!

Versatile Sizes

Canvas prints can come in many different sizes depending on your needs. This allows you to customize the print just as you had in mind for a particular space, and to use larger prints than may be possible with other materials.

Do you have large format printing projects for your company? Canvas printing may be the best option: Contact GPG to learn more or ask any specific questions and we’ll be glad to help!